Shipping Facility Entrance Ramp

Project Description:

Boston, Massachusetts

       Every arm of industry is affected by weather. This shipping facility was plagued by icy roadways and hours of heavy labour removing snow. Now the lot is clear and trucks move freely regardless of blizzard conditions or freezing rain. 

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Project Information:

Address: Unknown

Country: USA

Website: n/a

Completion 2011

Project Type: Heating

Applications Radiant Plans: Aqua Pipe, Uponor Classic, Uponor Q&E, Uponor Radi Pipe Size of

Radiant Products 18 km Uponor Radi 32x2, 9 pipes with Q&E fittings; underfloor heating - 10 km Uponor PEXa 20x2,0 pipes with Q&E fittings; 3 km Uponor Radi 25x2,3 with Q&E fittings